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The original cast is back both Will Smith as Mike Lawrey and Martin Lawrence as Marcus Burnett, detectives from Miami that have their own style in busting crime and are not afraid to indulge in high speed chases in rather expensive cars. Bad Boys 3 movie took a while to eventuate, the talk has been there for a while but Michael Bay is back to provide fun that started it all over a decade ago. No need to take the word for it when you can have Bad Boys 3 movie download and watch it and watch it again and see why has it taken so long to have it out and you'll be pleased that the boys are back. Though it was originally Will Smith that started the talk about Bad Boys 3, it did't talk long to convince Lawrence and then Bay to put it into the action and face the bad boys once again. What are they gonna do is to be seen when they come up against the two dark cops. Even though Michael Bay was busy making 2 blockbusters due to come out next year, it's a given that at least one of them will stick to your memory and this one is more likely to. More about actors you can read at celebrity magazine.


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Title: Bad Boys 3 | Genre: Action/Comedy/Thriller | Directed by: Michael Bay | Written by: ? | Starring: Martin Lawrence, Will Smith | Movies 2012: TBA 2012

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